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I have a love for reupholstering. I am one of the random ones who finds it relaxing. I love transforming a piece into something more beautiful & budget affordable. My plans for this blog is to give tips & display pieces I have reupholstered -which could be a perfect piece in your home. I also reupholster already own furniture if interested.

Friday, September 30, 2011

My birthday was September 18th. Originally for my birthday we were going to go to Krispy Kreme doughnuts to get a dozen free doughnuts and then go Joe's BBQ to get a free birthday meal for me and get our dinner there. We did this for Stan's birthday (August 3) and it was a lot of fun especially since we got a lot of good (junk) food and only had to pay for my meal.lol Well my birthday was coming up and it landed on a Sunday. Dang...

We were told several times just to take advantage of the free doughnuts and get them anyways. As tempting as that was, we decided not to. Stan also had to work that day:( He talked to me to see what I wanted to do but I told him that I would just want to sit and relax with him and that would be perfect! Honestly true.

My birthday comes and Stan makes me a little breakfast before we go to church. We came home from church and Stan gives me a birthday card and a present. He told me that he wants me to have a movie that I like (chick-flick).

Side note: We normally pick movies that we both like so we can watch and enjoy them together. Normally if I drag him to a chick-flick movie he blurts out something embarrassing in the theater or just makes fun of it at home, so we don't watch those movies often.

So I open the present and it's a twilight movie. He knows I love the books. He said we could even watch it together. ha ha poor guy or I guess poor me? I was about to open it up but I noticed that the case is smashed like someone stepped on it. I didn't want a damaged DVD especially since it wasn't a $5 dollar movie. I told him that I should switch it out and we can watch it tomorrow. Stan had to go to work and while he was at work he told me he got a few free pizzas because they were practicing for a pizza competition between stores. Score! Later that night Stan came home and he had 3 pizzas! I was kind of shocked that he got that many. He opened two of them and the third he told me to open the next. I open to find a delicious dessert! (picture above). He has been sneaking around and his sister Allison helped him make a big choc chip cookie and put whip cream, Rollos and m&ms on it. Stan put chocolate and carmel syrup on the cookie pizza. It was so good! In the pictures you can notice a few missing pieces of candy.... I couldn't help but eat a few Rolos before we cut some for us to eat:)

About the movie: I went to exchange it and the Walmart I went to didn't have it but they had a few other good ones I would want. I decide to go to another Walmart closer to my house and they had a smaller selection of Blu-ray movies and they didn't have it either. So annoying! Very difficult to keep going to different Walmarts with a hungry baby. Since they didn't have it I decided to pick another movie....I pick Pride and Prejudice (newest version).

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