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Thursday, August 18, 2011

She makes everything look cute!

A friend gave Claira a hat with a big butterfly and socks that look like a flower and the socks even have a caterpillar on them. I have never seen anything like these but I think Claira wears them well. I don't know about her wearing them out especially because its so hot outside but they are fun to have.
We were bored today and it was way too hot to go outside and drive around. So we had to find stuff to do. Claira got pictures taken a couple weeks ago and we ran out of time so my cousin wasn't able to take pictures of her with this hat on so I thought I better get some pictures before she gets to big to wear it. A quilt that my aunt made matches perfectly so it worked great for the background.
Note: I don't have a high quality camera and I don't have the tools to edit my pictures. I still think they turned out pretty good. Enjoy:)

Did you spot the caterpillar on her socks?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's been going on the first 3 weeks.

Claira is 3 weeks today! I can't believe how quick time has gone. I am completely tired. It's amazing how my body still runs on such little sleep.
At 2 weeks, Claira has been staying awake more often. She is more alert and reconizes our voices. She lets us know when she doesn't like something. She is really strong. She holds her head up really good but she still wobbles her neck. We have to be careful when we hold her certain ways because she pushes off you with her legs. I call her my little frog.

Here is a picture of her all ready to go to her first doctors appointment. Alot of her cute bows were too big so she got to wear this big flower on her head. All her clothes were too big as well. Her socks didn't stay on for long.

Claira loves car rides. I am asked alot if she breaths through her mouth since she leaves it open alot. She does like to have her mouth open especially when she sleeps but she breaths through her nose.

She had a tough day at the doctors. They took blood from her foot. See the band-aid? She was jaundice and the doctor wanted to check her level. We got the results for her test later that day and they said it was higher than normal so they wanted us to go back to check it again to see if she needs the light treatment to help her jaundice go away. She also lost more weight than the nomal percent so they wanted to check up on that as well. Luckily, she gained her weight back and her color improved within 24 hrs. They checked her blood again (poor girl) and they said everything looks great.

We had her 2 week check up and she is at 8.1 lbs and 21 1/2 inches (90% on the growth chart). We go back to the doctors for her 2 month check up. Babies sure do cost alot.....lol

Alot of people told me that I should wait awhile to go back to church. Told to wait a couple months and even more. To me missing one week of church was rough and missing 2 sundays made the week go by so slow and I felt like I was missing something. Threw the whole week off. Stan and I decided I would go if I felt good. I decided to just go to sacrament because I didn't think I could sit longer than 1 hr so 3 hrs would be too much for me. So Sunday came and I felt pretty good and we headed to church. Here is cute little Claira in her sunday dress. Thanks Shalisa for getting such a cute flower to match this dress.

She did so well in sacrament. She slept most of the time and when she was up she was pretty quiet. A lot of the primary kids came up to me and gave me a hug and they were so excited to see us. I love the primary kids especially the 4-5 year olds I teach. It was so neat to see how excited they were that I was finally at church and that they could peak at Claira. They have been excited and anxious to see her. One little girl use to rub and poke my belly bump.lol

P.S- I was so excited to wear my old clothes and not the same dress I use to wear.

Claira sleeping. Note: Do you reconize her bracelet, Aunt Sherri? She is wearing one you gave her. Thanks:)

Her long feet.

Stan loves to hold Claira especially when she falls asleep. She is so cute!

Of course.....

Wide awake:)

Got a little smile from her. She loves smiling at her daddy.

She crashes after her baths.

Her first real bath. YAY!!!

She loves to get her hair washed. I think she thinks it feels good (little head massage). She wasen't too sure about the bath at first but when we added more water she stopped crying. She was still being funny with her feet. She kept lifting her legs up so her feet wouldn't go in the water. ha ha

Check out her feet. See.

Of course Stan had to be funny. Poor girl. ha ha

Thats all for now. I hope you enjoyed. I will have more pictures soon because I can't stop taking pictures of her. Speaking of pictures... My cousin, Shalisa, took baby pictures of Claira. She is so good at what she does. Grateful for all the time she takes to help me. I am really excited to see the pictures. Claira look so cute in all her shots. I will post them when they are finished.

Claira is the sweetest little girl. I can't wait to see more of her personality and have her react more to us but for now I am enjoying her while she loves to cuddle, little grins when she is sleeping, and her little sheep cry.