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I have a love for reupholstering. I am one of the random ones who finds it relaxing. I love transforming a piece into something more beautiful & budget affordable. My plans for this blog is to give tips & display pieces I have reupholstered -which could be a perfect piece in your home. I also reupholster already own furniture if interested.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

She makes everything look cute!

A friend gave Claira a hat with a big butterfly and socks that look like a flower and the socks even have a caterpillar on them. I have never seen anything like these but I think Claira wears them well. I don't know about her wearing them out especially because its so hot outside but they are fun to have.
We were bored today and it was way too hot to go outside and drive around. So we had to find stuff to do. Claira got pictures taken a couple weeks ago and we ran out of time so my cousin wasn't able to take pictures of her with this hat on so I thought I better get some pictures before she gets to big to wear it. A quilt that my aunt made matches perfectly so it worked great for the background.
Note: I don't have a high quality camera and I don't have the tools to edit my pictures. I still think they turned out pretty good. Enjoy:)

Did you spot the caterpillar on her socks?

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