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I have a love for reupholstering. I am one of the random ones who finds it relaxing. I love transforming a piece into something more beautiful & budget affordable. My plans for this blog is to give tips & display pieces I have reupholstered -which could be a perfect piece in your home. I also reupholster already own furniture if interested.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Enjoying the Bumbo chair

I don't mean to brag but I guess I do have the right to since it's about my little girl:)

I can't get over how beautiful she is!

She is perfect in every way. Even when she cries because she wants her way.

She makes it up with her happy personality.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I was thinking about things and realized how much people (I know) are going through right now. Loss of job, loss of income, loss of a child, stress of how to support your family, stress just from everyday life. I was thinking about my own situation and challenges. Wondering what else I can do? Wondering if I am doing something wrong? Wondering if I can change the situation? Thankfully I read my cousin's wife blog today. She has always been a great example to me even though she lives so far away and we dont really talk. She said she came across and article from the Ensign that Elder Richard G. Scott wrote title "Trust in the Lord". He said, "Just when all seems to be going right, challanges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience , they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more. He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding and compassion, which polish you for your everlasting benefit. To get you from where you are to where He wants you to be requires a lot of stretching, and that generally entails discomfort and pain."

The scripture D&C 84:88 was also quoted, "I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."

I am grateful that I read her blog. It was well needed.
I thought to post this because I was needing this and it gave me peace. Maybe it will help someone who reads this on my blog?

Sneak Peak!

Sorry I am having the worst time trying to download the pictures from Claira's blessing. We have two cameras. One is for pictures and the other one we got for videos but it takes pictures as well. The bad problem is that we took the camera that only takes pictures and I havent used it in awhile so I forgot if there is a special trick to getting it to download because the little memo screen that pops up to download doesnt come on the screen. Stan is suppose to help but he hasent had a chance to.
This picture was taken when Claira was 2 weeks old. My cousin, Shalisa, took pictures of Claira and we decided to do a few in her blessing dress. This picture came from my camera off my phone. I took it so its not edited or anything and its not very good quality.

My birthday was September 18th. Originally for my birthday we were going to go to Krispy Kreme doughnuts to get a dozen free doughnuts and then go Joe's BBQ to get a free birthday meal for me and get our dinner there. We did this for Stan's birthday (August 3) and it was a lot of fun especially since we got a lot of good (junk) food and only had to pay for my meal.lol Well my birthday was coming up and it landed on a Sunday. Dang...

We were told several times just to take advantage of the free doughnuts and get them anyways. As tempting as that was, we decided not to. Stan also had to work that day:( He talked to me to see what I wanted to do but I told him that I would just want to sit and relax with him and that would be perfect! Honestly true.

My birthday comes and Stan makes me a little breakfast before we go to church. We came home from church and Stan gives me a birthday card and a present. He told me that he wants me to have a movie that I like (chick-flick).

Side note: We normally pick movies that we both like so we can watch and enjoy them together. Normally if I drag him to a chick-flick movie he blurts out something embarrassing in the theater or just makes fun of it at home, so we don't watch those movies often.

So I open the present and it's a twilight movie. He knows I love the books. He said we could even watch it together. ha ha poor guy or I guess poor me? I was about to open it up but I noticed that the case is smashed like someone stepped on it. I didn't want a damaged DVD especially since it wasn't a $5 dollar movie. I told him that I should switch it out and we can watch it tomorrow. Stan had to go to work and while he was at work he told me he got a few free pizzas because they were practicing for a pizza competition between stores. Score! Later that night Stan came home and he had 3 pizzas! I was kind of shocked that he got that many. He opened two of them and the third he told me to open the next. I open to find a delicious dessert! (picture above). He has been sneaking around and his sister Allison helped him make a big choc chip cookie and put whip cream, Rollos and m&ms on it. Stan put chocolate and carmel syrup on the cookie pizza. It was so good! In the pictures you can notice a few missing pieces of candy.... I couldn't help but eat a few Rolos before we cut some for us to eat:)

About the movie: I went to exchange it and the Walmart I went to didn't have it but they had a few other good ones I would want. I decide to go to another Walmart closer to my house and they had a smaller selection of Blu-ray movies and they didn't have it either. So annoying! Very difficult to keep going to different Walmarts with a hungry baby. Since they didn't have it I decided to pick another movie....I pick Pride and Prejudice (newest version).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's amazing how time flies. Claira is now 2 months (9/21)! She had her 2 month check-up last Wednesday, Sept. 21st. She got some shots and had a hard time. She cried in pain when she got them. Poor baby:( The doctor checked how she is developing. He also checked her ears, throat, and nose and asked Stan to hold her hands down while he checked her. While he was checking her she lifted her legs and was pushing him with her feet. He started to chuckle and said she is trying to get him with her feet and that children don't normally do that until they're 6 months. Claira weighed in at 11.9 lbs (60%) and measured (height) 23 1/4 inches (90%) and (head circumference) 15 1/4 inches (70%).
After the doctor appointment Stan had to go to work. When we got home I gave Claira a warm bath and gave her Tylenol. She sadly didn't want me to hold her because her legs hurt. It made me sad that I couldn't really do much to make her feel better. It seemed like the routine for the day was bath, Tylenol, eat, and sleep. I am glad that Claira loves to take baths and doesn't cry. She actually stops crying and relaxes once her feet touch the water. She likes to kick and move her hands in the water. She is just too cute:)
I thought to make a few list to organize my thoughts so sorry they are so random.

List of things that I love about Claira:
-She smiles a alot. She smiles when she wakes up. Smiles when she sees Stan and I. She smiles when you talk, make noises and weird faces at her. She smiles when she hears someone laughing.
-She looks like her daddy
-She squeals when she gets excited.
-She sleeps through the night (sleeps 10pm- 6am, eats, back to sleep 7am-9am)
-She doesn't cry constantly. ha ha. We are able to sit through church and activities without having to leave. Of course she gets fussy when she is hungry or tired.
-She likes to see new places. I am able to take her places and she will just want to sit up and look at everything.
-She makes daddy melt. Stan gets a special smile on his face when he sees her and when he holds her. I can tell they have a special bond when she smiles back at him. Priceless...

List of things I didn't know or realize what it was like after having a baby:
-Being in pain after you have your baby is worse than labor
-Your emotions go up and down. I feel self-conscious, I would be beyond happy that I cry then I cry because I am so tired, I would feel guilty that I am not working and that Stan has to work so much, stressed that I don't have enough milk to fill Claira.
-You lose you social skills easy. I stay at home so I don't talk to adults that often.I realized when people come over to visit they would just play with Claira and I would just sit there in silence forcing myself to come up with something to talk about. I felt like I had a hard time keeping conversation. I don't know if that had to do with my brain not working or me being self-conscious. I am getting better with that.
-Yes, I know this one is a no brainer but I will still list it. Your body will never be the same.lol

I list these not to scare myself or others but I had to get my feelings out and share them. I wouldn't change any of these because I get my sweet little girl. I understand why mothers say that having a baby is a great blessing. I think women have another baby because they forget how much it hurts to have a baby or/and the want of having a baby is so great that the pain is worth it. I am pretty sure that is why Heavenly Father has given us this great gift and ability. Men would probably stop half way through. ha ha
We are sure excited that we have our sweet Claira and hopefully have more (when Claira gets a little older.lol)

NOTE: We did bless Claira Sunday, September 4, 2011. I am waiting to post about it until I can download the pictures

Monday, September 19, 2011

Few pictures

She is full of smiles

Dressesd up on labor day

Found these sunglasses @Target and had to try them on Claira. She happened to make this face and made this pic so funny. Just love her!

Out of Service

So we are making some budget cuts so I can stay home and take care of Claira. Internet was one of the cuts so I cant update my blog as much and its a pain to upload pictures. We should get internet back around December. Sorry. I will try to add some pictures of Claira soon because she is growing so fast. wish me luck.lol