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Sunday, February 6, 2011


We went to a specialist to get a good look at the cyst and to get another opinion if I should have surgery to remove the cyst. After the ultrasound and talking to the doctor, we decided it was best to get the cyst removed. I had the surgery set that week (Thursday, Jan. 27th). Stan and I had to be at the hospital at 530am for surgery at 730am. My mom met up with us before the surgery. I was completely hungry when we got there because I had to fast. I luckily got over a nasty cough that could of delayed the surgery. Everyone at the hospital was very nice and helpful. When they gave my the sleepy stuff I was knocked out right when I left Stan. Waking up was not too fun. I was constantly sick and left sick and wasent able to keep anything down for 32 hours. I was so glad when I was off the medicine and I could eat! My mom got my medicine since Stan wasent able to leave me. I am so grateful for ladies in our ward that I am friends with from being in primary together. Ladies brought food for us that night and the next. Stan was spoiled.
I am doing a lot better. I took a week off work and glad I did. I start work tomorrow.....see how that goes. I had a few small areas for stitches but they are mostly healed. Life is going pretty good.
I am so grateful to have such a hard working husband who takes care of me so much. He works so much and still helps me out with house work and cooking. I am not a "perfect wife" and yet he loves me so much and forgives me so easily.

Went to specialist for a higher quality ultrasound.

I absolutely love this picture!
Legs crossed and hand is up to face. I also like
how detailed this picture is. See where the eyes,
mouth and cute nose are.

The doctors office couldnt confirm a boy or girl but she guessed a girl. When we went to the specialist, their ultra sound tech said we were having a girl! She better be right!

This picture isnt too cute but I love it :) You have to get past the little alien head. The ultra sound tech was getting a kick out of our baby and how the hands are up to the face.

I was debating on showing this picture. This is a picture of the cyst (black blob). The other black shape in the upper right corner is the uterus where the baby is. You can tell by this picture that the cyst is quite bigger than the baby. Measured out to be 12cm or 1 liter of fluid.