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Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Re-cap

So its been about 2 months since I posted. I don't want to spend to much time giving every detail and I am having a hard time remembering what happened. So sorry about that.

Time seems like it flew by until I reached my last 2 weeks. The days just dragged. I would go to the doctors and they would always ask if I have felt contractions. I would tell them that if I had I did not recognize them. My 2 weeks, there wasn't much room left for Claira. She didn't move as much. I also got very nauseated and couldn't eat much. I had to force myself to eat. Since Claira wasn't moving as much I realized that I have been having contractions or braxton hicks but didn't know. I thought that it was Claira kicking and stretching in my stomach but it was really the braxton hicks. I was pretty excited knowing I was getting closer.
Every day I would walk around my neighborhood for 1 hour (about 2 miles) with our dog, Allie. If I didn't get up early enough to miss the heat, Stan took me to the mall to walk around. I got to the point where I would feel some contractions or braxton hicks when I would walk. When I went to the doctors for my exam, I was 1 cm and 50% effaced (at 38 weeks). At my 39 week appointment, I was 2 cm. I told the doctor that I was still nauseated and haven't been eating that much and we talked about getting induced. I didn't know about the idea but after thinking about and praying I felt okay and ready for it. The doctor normally makes his patients wait until a week or so after their due date to induce but I was telling him about my pain as well and he felt like I was a great candidate to get induced. We set the date for July 21st. We met up with the doctor one last time to have our questions answered and to get checked again. So 3 days before getting induced I was 3 cm and 90-95% effaced. My doctor then stripped my membranes to get her moving along. Sorry if it that was too much info.
As well as walking, my mom took me to get my feet massaged. I don't remember the right term for it so hopefully this is the right term, Foot reflexology? It helps to move the pregnancy along.
It seemed to help.
Well, July 20th (my due date) finally came. Which means if she didn't come that day we would be heading to the hospital to get induced the next day. I started to get really excited but started to get nervous. That night I threw up my dinner and wasn't able to eat again. I also couldn't sleep. As well as not being able to sleep, I started get contractions/braxton hicks through out the whole night. My stomach would tighten and I would have to go to the bathroom and I would feel like I was going to throw up while my stomach was tightening. Luckily, I couldn't feel any pain. Because I didn't hurt I didn't think about going to the hospital. I was told that real contractions always hurt so I was confused. I had to be up at 630am to call the hospital to get the okay to be at the hospital at 730am. So that night was a long night for me. When I woke up (got 1hr of sleep), I was tired and hungry. I wanted to eat before we left but I still felt sick.

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