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Sunday, March 13, 2011

So I am really bad at this blogging stuff....

My cousin Dustin and Wendy. My sister Michelle
and my grandpa.
My grandma and grandpa. My sisters Ashley
and Michelle.

So I don't even know if people read my blog. Well if they did they probably don't anymore because I haven't updated it since I had my surgery. Feels like a while ago. I tried to change the background to my blog and something happened and it disappeared. See, this tells you how much I know. I got frustrated (easier to do now) trying to fix my blog and it got messed up so I just left the blog page the way it looks now so I wouldn't delete the "blogging world" forever. I don't think the background page matches and it bothers me so I have been avoiding to log on.
Reason why I haven't posted anything. Since its been awhile I guess I will catch up by saying time sure flies by. I am now 21 weeks and people think I am still in the beginning of my first trimester. When I tell them how far along I am, they are surprised. Then some people who know how far I am tell me that I am "small and barely showing" kind of in a whatever whats new kind of way. (Takes away the fun in being pregnant). Then some will even compare myself to them (which they are not pregnant). I think that annoys me because they are putting me down and themselves. Well I guess I should take it as a compliment but I wish they would realize how much my body has changed and the weight I have gained. I am grateful that my body is holding the baby so well because it will be easier to get back in shape after she is born.
I've heard that people touching your belly all the time is annoying but I don't mind. I think after my previous statement, I would take people touching my belly than not acknowledging it so that it actually feels like I am having a baby with excitement. I have gratefully received baby clothes and items already. I LOVE IT!!! I open my closet and see PINK and it makes me smile.
I have been feeling our baby wiggle and kick inside for awhile now and when I woke up at 20 weeks my stomach ached a little and I was bigger (happy to see). That week I went to Colorado with my dad, his wife, her 2 grand kids and my 2 sisters to see my grandpa. It was a long trip with the full car! We went to Colorado to visit my grandparents because my grandpa was having hip surgery. I haven't seen them since I was in 7th grade. I was debating to go but I remembered the time my family went to New Mexico to visit family and I didn't go because of work and I missed my last opportunity to see and hug my grandpa. Papa passed away and I didn't see him because I choose to work. I regret that and I knew I should go this time. I enjoyed the trip to Colorado. We didn't do much besides visit my grandpa at the hospital but that was great. One time when we were at the hospital, I could feel my baby girl moving around. I was holding my stomach because they felt stronger and all of sudden I felt a kick and I not only felt it in my stomach I felt her kick on my hand. I was surprised and called my sister, Michelle, over and she was able to feel her move as well as my dad. Our little baby was moving a lot more and I was happy to feel her move as much when I got back home.
I don't have new pictures of our baby but I have a few pictures of my grandparents and cousins from the trip to Colorado. Well I can't get the pictures to go where I want so they are at the top of the post. ha ha I so need help with this. I forgot already how things work so the pictures win and they can stay where they are at.

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  1. I'm so happy you can feel her move!!! I've been wondering how you were doing:) Can't wait to see you in April!