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I have a love for reupholstering. I am one of the random ones who finds it relaxing. I love transforming a piece into something more beautiful & budget affordable. My plans for this blog is to give tips & display pieces I have reupholstered -which could be a perfect piece in your home. I also reupholster already own furniture if interested.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I don't have much to write about that is exciting. We are pretty much boring. It seems like all we do is work. When we get home we just like to sit/cuddle on the couch, catch up on our t.v shows that we missed out on for the week (Parenthood and The Office) and eat dinner. I can't complain. I am just glad that I get to spend as much time with my husband as I do. Since I don't have trips to tell you about or funny stories about what my child has done, you get to read about all the changes that are happening or coming up.

First change is that I am making room for Claira. Boxing up clothes that I cant fit in (goal to fit in after she is born or at least most of my clothes), re-organizing our house, and throwing stuff out.

Next my body is changing. It's exciting but annoying that things are not fitting me. My clothes are too small and maternity clothes are too big. I think I look like a sack of potatoes. Anyways, my wedding ring doesn't fit me anymore. My hands and feet swell when I am working. Being on my feet all the time is hard work.

My favorite change is the HEAT. not! I am constantly hot. Now that its getting even more hot (80 degrees and higher), my wedding ring doesn't fit at all and I get cranky. I can't escape the heat. 90 degrees are hitting and I am really nervous when it gets over 100?!!?

I also went to being constantly tired to not being able to sleep so well at night. I am wide awake after a few hours of sleep. I am glad I am not a walking zombie anymore but I just want to go back to sleep. I love to sleep!

Leg cramps are quite the experience. I have been woken up by leg cramps before I was pregnant but to have consistent leg cramps are annoying and it gets kind of old especially when I get 3-5 a night. I make sure I drink enough water, keep eating bananas, and stretching my legs. It seems like they just wont go away. If anyone knows a great way to get rid/prevent them, you would be my best friend!

I am lucky that I haven't had heart burns yet. I have 3 months left (in 2 weeks) so hopefully I wont experience heart burn or at least not that bad. Even if I got it I wouldn't have to experience it for a long time.

A great change is coming up shortly. I GET MY BRACES OFF!!! I get them off Wednesday, April 6th! I am so excited! I will have to post pictures. I didn't know how bad my teeth were or how painful they looked until I see my teeth now and look at the before pictures.


  1. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! I have the leg cramps too and no suggestions - just sympathy. I'm so excited for you guys to meet your little one!

    On another note - congratulations on the braces coming off. What a happy day for you!

  2. You are so cute! I love your belly bump. I haven't have leg cramps but one suggestion is to keep them elevated. Also I hear magnesium and calcium are supposed to help with cramps. I totally am with you on being annoyed about the body changes. I am so very elated to be pregnant but its just so hard to see myself get bigger and not fit in my clothes anymore.