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I have a love for reupholstering. I am one of the random ones who finds it relaxing. I love transforming a piece into something more beautiful & budget affordable. My plans for this blog is to give tips & display pieces I have reupholstered -which could be a perfect piece in your home. I also reupholster already own furniture if interested.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ultrasound- 10 weeks 6 days

With our insurance changing this year, I asked the doctor if I could get an early ultrasound and use the benefits of our insurance. He agree and we scheduled the appointment. We only had one day to pick from so Stan wasent able to go because he had to work. My friend, Kali, and my mom gladly accepted to come and take video so Stan could see. Well the ultrasound went great! I struggled to drink 32 oz of water in 45 mins. I barely made it. Whew.....
I got to see my little one move. It was kickin and wavin its hands and feet. I think the baby has big feet already.....
The doctor came in and told us that I dont have twins like he was thinking because I was showing bigger than I should at 10 weeks but I have a cyst. He said it was normal but normally its not as big as the one I have. We scheduled another ultrasound to monitor the cyst. He said it should go down but if not I would have to have surgery in the 2nd trimester to have the cyst removed. By the way the cyst is as big as the baby. Thats why he was suspecting twins. THERE IS ONLY ONE! ha ha
I am grateful for family and friends that have been praying and fasting for us. I know that Heavenly Father is taking care of everything.

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